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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Our company is available for popcorn ceiling removal in Etobicoke homes in Ontario. If it’s time to get rid of the ceiling texture and enjoy a safe environment and the elegance of a flat ceiling, talk to us. Feel fully confident in reaching Etobicoke Painters. After all, you can learn more about the service and get an estimate without being charged and without obligation.

Popcorn ceiling removal in Etobicoke – reach us to learn more

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Etobicoke

Whether you think it’s mandatory or are still considering scheduling popcorn ceiling removal, Etobicoke pros can come out to make an evaluation. Such textures differ because some are painted, some are already damaged, some are hazardous, etc. The appointed pro also assesses the extent of work and talks with you about ceiling finishing coatings and colors.

If you want a free quotation about removing popcorn ceiling & refinishing consultation and color recommendations with no obligation, contact our team. Talk to us about your ceiling and set an appointment.

The process of removing popcorn ceiling

Before they remove popcorn ceilings, the pros prepare the room. They cover the floors of the empty room and seal the gap under the doors to keep dust from reaching the adjacent spaces. The removal of the texture makes a lot of dust. That’s hardly good for your home, especially if the dust is contaminated. To cover all the bases, the pros are in uniform and equipped as required to do the job without being affected by the texture or the dust.

The popcorn ceiling is removed with the appropriate tools piece by piece and until it’s all gone. Once this part of the job is done, the pros clean the room and start refinishing the ceiling. As is often the case, the substrate is not in excellent condition. There are often holes, scratches, dents, and all sorts of imperfections, which are addressed before anything else.

Overall, the substrate is prepped as required. The painters fix the flaws, clean the surface, and sand as demanded before they apply the primers and finishing coatings. Where there was texture before now stands a flat, modern ceiling painted the color of your choice.

Still considering whether or not to remove a popcorn ceiling?

Popcorn ceilings are often not safe. They are hard to paint and even harder to clean. What’s the point of keeping them? Turn to our team to talk about such a project in your home. Is there one texturized ceiling in your home? Do you want popcorn ceilings removed in more than one room? Have no worries. No matter how big or small, easy or challenging the job may be, we are the team to trust with the popcorn ceiling removal and the ceiling’s finishing.

Since there’s no obligation and no charge for a consultation and quotation, what’s the point of still standing there instead of sending us a message? Or, grabbing your phone to call us? If you live in Etobicoke, popcorn ceiling removal takes one call or message to our company. Should we talk?