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Crown Molding and Trim Painting

Crown Molding and Trim Painting Etobicoke

We guess that you want some or all interior trims painted. Our company is available for crown molding and trim painting in Etobicoke houses in Ontario. Despite the trim style and crown profile, the service – and all tasks involved in it – is impeccably carried out. Trims are painted to look good and play their crucial role as architectural details. If you want interior moldings and trims of all types painted, experienced pros are at your service. Etobicoke Painters is at your service.

Let’s talk about crown molding painting & trim painting in Etobicoke

The first piece of good news is our company’s availability for crown molding and trim painting across Etobicoke. Another piece of excellent news is our experience with such projects. Painting trims is hardly easy. The profiles are often intricate and the preparatory stage takes good skills. With the best in Etobicoke painters on the job, you shouldn’t worry about the way the job is done. We have expertise with all types of moldings and trims.

  •          Trust us with crown molding painting. From simple styles to dentil designs and egg & dart crown molding profiles, all types are painted.
  •          Book baseboard painting, whether we are talking about flat moldings, rounded styles, or sculpted designs.
  •          Chair rails, whether intricately designed or not, are also perfectly painted.
  •          Window and door casing profiles are all painted too, whether plain, Craftsman, or Victorian.

Etobicoke painters with expertise in all interior trims

Interior trims vary, from crown molding for ceilings and crown molding for cabinets to picture rails, baseboards, panel trims, wall paneling, wainscoting, arches, ceiling rosettes, and more. All these trims come out in different profiles, from clean lines to intricate designs. Some are curved, some are beaded, some are ornate. Some are made of wood, some are made of foam, some are made of plaster. These are all random examples to explain the plethora of interior moldings and underline our experience in them all.

All molding profiles are prepped with caution and painted by the book

Despite the molding and its design, the painters assigned to the job first tackle their flaws. They clean moldings, fill holes, fix cracks, and address imperfections before they smoothen them to be ready for painting. The vital thing is that the pros have the skills to fix the most intricate designs and always paint trims with coatings suitable for the material in question. This approach ensures remarkable results and longevity.

Want crowns and baseboards painted? Doors & casings painted?

Let us mention that you can combine painting jobs. You can book trim painting or combine this project with interior wall painting. You can have the casings painted along with the doors and windows. Should we talk about the possible painting combinations? Do you just want the baseboards and the crown moldings painted? We are ready to cover all your painting needs. Let’s start by talking about your Etobicoke crown molding and trim painting needs.